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Everyone wants to know which is the best wine variety, and the answer is in one word: none!

Shocked? Don't be, if I ask you the question which is the best car for you, you will most likely hesitate between the two or three passions you have. So why is there to be the best, the number one?

Neither life nor things are like that, I give you an example, imagine that in a certain wine-producing region the only variety used was Touriga Nacional. In a given year due to weather conditions, the grapes were spoiled or were of poor quality, what happened to the region?

In an outline of the answer, I start by telling you that all grape varieties are important and depending on the years and again, on the weather conditions, this year grape A is better than grape B, for next year it will be C's turn to shine, ensuring so that it never stops producing wine and that it maintains its profile, that is, similar to what you are used to.

Let's go back to the best of grape varieties,in certain years a grape variety can benefit from exceptional conditions and be extraordinary, it will then make sense, bottling it only to it so that consumers can see all its wealth, all its splendor, but they end up for being exceptional cases.

The wines are richer when they result from the mixture of several grape varietiesblended wines, and as has always been said, the union is strength, and in this case, beauty.

And for you, what is the best wine variety?

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