Grapes Varieties in Portugal

One of the greatest concerns of wine lovers, if not the greatest, is the knowledge of the grape varieties from which the wines are made. I think the next concern will be to recognize them through the senses when they taste, or drink, wine.

Not being impossible to do so, I say that they are either watching too many James Bond films, or they have an unbelievable test preparation, at the level of the greatest in the world.

You do not believe? So get ready because your wine tasting treatments start here: we will let you know the most important grape varieties in each wine-producing region so that you can carry out the difficulty of the task that people today propose.

So, let's do this:

We started at least usual ... the varieties for producing green wines:

  • Alvarinho,
  • Arinto,
  • Avesso,
  • Azal,
  • Loureiro,
  • Trajadura

And now we go down the map of Portugal:


Castas Portuguesas Por Região

After this exercise, which is both patient and stoic, let's return to the theme of Portuguese wine grape varieties.

With this list, you can see that each region has so many varieties for both the production of red and white wines that it would be impossible to recognize them all in each wine you drink.

We note that the grape varieties are not the heritage of a single region, but that they appear in several,not only in the neighboring regions but spread by others that are sometimes distant, which makes it difficult to recognize organoleptics (through the senses) since the same variety created in a cold zone it behaves completely differently from that created in a hot zone. Complicated don't you think? It is best to practice and drink wines from different grape varieties.

It should be noted that this wealth of grape varieties in each region contributes directly to the variety, quality and richness of its wines. It is no accident that Portuguese wines have such a high variety and quality.

But more than distinguishing the grape varieties (which is the word of the year ...) it is more important that we have a good understanding of wine tasting and know how to recognize the good ones (instead of just limiting ourselves to grape varieties). And so when taking wine for dinner or when we serve a wine at our house we know how to appreciate it not only its varieties, but all the aspects that make this wine the chosen one.

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