Offering a good wine can be a difficult task. But TWU has the answer


Many people, mostly friends, ask me how can I be sure that I am offering a good wine?
Although I think it is an excellent question, the answer is neither direct nor easy, I suppose, because regardless of whether the wine is good, in order to be enjoyed, it must be to the liking of the recipient, yes, of what it is to offer a great red wine to someone who only appreciates white wines. It may seem like a silly question, but it is not: I have a friend who only drinks white wines.

Having overcome this first point, we have to agree that wines are more than labels and that the issue is complicated if we add the question of the years, the best and the not so good,and if I want to offer a great gift I can simply “ put your paw in the puddle ” with the best intentions.

Of course, you know, I know, that taking refuge in reputable brands (let's admit that this is a guarantee of value) in a reputable Region is always a good way to add value to the offer and distinguish who receives our appreciation. You pay the price, you give a good gift but not a different one, and that's not what we want, is it? Região conceituada é sempre uma boa forma de juntar valor à oferta e distinguir quem recebe o nosso apreço. Paga-se o preço, dá-se um bom presente mas não um presente diferente, e não é isso que queremos, pois não ?

What we really want is to give a different gift for its exclusivity, to add value to the gift, thus increasing the recognition that those who receive that in some way have through us access to different wines.

To get there, we can always go to a wine cellar and, depending on our budget, ask for an opinion and accept what they tell us, since, if laymen, we may be contributing to the disposal of an old stock in the house. Too bad, but in life we ​​have to take risks. If so, we are closer to the goal, whoever receives it, feels really distinguished, special ...

When I arrived here, I must make a personal statement, I never liked to offer wines bought in cellars and the like, because I got tired of hearing comments from himself or from friends present, like,I liked the wine of this brand of the year so much moreand there was my diminished gift. Or, “from this Region I like the XXX more” and any brand known or not would jump out there, which had a devastating effect on the gift I just gave.

Exhausted the chances, because you do not make your friend or partner in a Wine Club, it is easy,it is within reach of all scholarships and the recipient gets excited about what wine he will receive. Voilá, what a gift, you scored all possible points. We have fulfilled the objective, whoever receives it, feels really distinguished, you will see it and you will still go through PRO.

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