Why should you join a wine club?

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Are you one of those who think that being part of a wine club is a matter for parents or grandparents? You're wrong. Joining a wine club is perhaps one of the most enlightened and intelligent decisions I know. No, I am not being fussy, I am deciding to put the choices of wines I appreciate in the hands of connoisseurs, and I reserve for myself, that I always reserve, the opportunity to acquire this or that wine that arouses my curiosity or sharpens me to greediness. It was, and is, by far the smartest decision I made for several reasons:

I get in touch with exclusive wines that, due to my self-recreation, I would never have a chance to get there, and I have anidea very close to each producing region. I increasingly appreciate the exclusivity of wines from these clubs.

Someone knowledgeable, before me tasted and evaluated the wines they propose to me. I believe that only send the best. Because these clubs live on the members' permanence, they were not going to propose low quality wines, risking that in the following month nobody wanted to buy wines from them.

I have been fortunate enough to appreciate unknown wines that I consider truly exceptional,and have enriched my cellar with real treasures. My friends loved to have something like that.

I have the essential information about each wine hey offer, tips, gastronomic weddings, as well as consumption temperatures, whether it is to decant or not, etc. I benefit from a great service and delivery at home, read that I am not the one who has to "carry the wines on my back".

I educated my taste. Yes, if today someone serves me a wine slightly below what I am used to, I notice immediately, and I confess, I refuse to lower my standard , which, somehow, I became a wine connoisseur not in the sense of knowing everything, but in that I value most, that of knowing how to evaluate and distinguish them - after all, it counts. Is not experience the mother of wisdom? Tasting more wines, I become more expert en la materia. Pero sé que todavía tengo mucho más por descubrir.

Within the price range in which I move, I am sure that they send me the best of which they are aware, and I am a witness to that.
Well, but if you ask me why I am a member of a Wine Club, I simply answer: because I like it.

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